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Dear Christine,


Firstly, what a fantastic trip! Thanks so much for your brilliant recommendations - it was a really wonderful experience and a week is a perfect amount of time to spend in Oman.


To give you some feedback:


British Airways: 

As I’m sure you know, Premium Economy is definitely worth the £ to upgrade regarding space. However, the food both ways was absolutely disgusting and I felt that the cabin crew don’t care for their customers as they used to. BA ask me for my feedback after every flight so I will relay this to them.



Normally an organised set up, but they took forever to do anything, … very little signage to return the car hard to find anyone to help.


Desert Nights Camp:

Wonderful place, right in the middle of desert. Little huts (made to look like tents but will all the amenities like hot showers etc). We went to watch the sunset for on top of the dunes and then went down for dinner under the stars. Pretty chilly so definitely need layers. A couple of drawbacks: it is NOT signposted from the highway, it is only signposted from the main road, this is very confusing as we did drive the same bit of highway looking for it! You also need a 4x4 to get the camp otherwise you have to be collected (for a fee of course) so thank god you booked us a a 4x4. Very cool place and worth the 2 hour drive from Muscat - only one night needed there though.


Alila Jakabar:

This was just amazing. It was a long drive from the desert but again, completely worth it. Drive to foot of mountains to checkpoint (only 4x4s can pass) and the you wind up 2.5 hours of mountain to get to hotel at the top, perched on top of the cliff looking down the Wadi. Had a fab room, spa treatments were ace, we sunbathed by the infinity pool and then went for a walk 1 hours around the vicinity - Butterfly Walk as we thought that the hike might be a bit much for me 6 months pregnant. 2 nights was an ideal length of time as its pretty far from anywhere.



WOW, what a hotel. We were upgraded on arrival to a suite which was pretty special, so we had our own little building etc, massive granite bath for 2 people, and lots of comp things. there are 3 pools and three restaurants so didn’t feel we were re treading the same ground each day. Spa was great, had another pregnancy massage and max had reflexology. Lots of lying by the pool (but little other activities to do but I think that's the vibe of chilling out)


Oman in general is lovely place. We were the youngest travellers in most of the hotel ands and flight - definitely a ‘snow bird’ destination but perfect for a baby moon. Still very much a Arabic country, we barely saw any women out unaccompanied by men and there signposting is dreadful. Seriously dreadful. There are building a new airport but have not signalled to say that you need to go to the old airport to fly out etc… spent quite a lot of time lost on their huge highways. I blame this on the fact the tourist trade isn’t that established there and lots of older people have guided tours.  Having said that, English was spoken everywhere and most signs did have English too. Another thing: Oman is very expensive! But thanks to you, we managed to get some great deals, there is no way we could have afforded to stay at the Chedi without your help so many many thanks!!


I have passed on your details to Max’s father. They would like to go to Costa Rica in the autumn and I said you would be happy to help them. They like travelling around, especially cycling which they adore!


Thanks so much for all your help and we will think about planning the next trip!

Annabel and Max

Annabel and Max

Fabulous touring holiday to Oman 2018

Dear Christine


Thank you THANK YOU!!!  I am so grateful.  So annoying these airlines that leave it so late to check in, especially when I will be flying the previous day.😕. You are so kind to offer to do this for me.


Anyway, great job!  You are the BEST.


Kind regards, Barbara

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Hi Christine


Thanks very much for arranging our trip to Vietnam. We had a really good time - one of the best holidays we've had

January 2017

Mark & Jane


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