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Whether booking by emailing your enquiry or calling to discuss your travel needs with your personal travel arranger, we can assist with many aspects of  your travel arrangements saving you time and most often money. Preference Travel is now into its 15th year of successful trading. As an independent travel agency, Preference Travel acts as your agent sourcing your flights, accommodation, car hire and more, through financially protected tour operators and hotel representatives. Preference Travel provides clients with financial protection as a member of the Travel Trust Association

Specialties: We cover all aspects of travel from UK to worldwide  including hotels, villas, tailor made itineraries, independent flights and or hotel reservations plus we manage some small corporate accounts.

We save clients' time and often save them money and the hotels and suppliers pay us for this service, not the client.  We are able to hold flights on option for up to 3 days, which often secures a lower price as well as retaining the availability and price whilst our clients finalise all aspects of their travel arrangements.



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